Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some French Names...

Translations (fancy names) :))
Beau Cheval-beatiful horse
Mon Amour-my love
Mon Cher-my dear
Monsieur-Mister or Sir
Notre Dame-our lady
Bordeaux-a city
Eclair-a french pastry
Entre Nous-between us
Jolie-pretty, use this spelling when referring to a female
Magnifique-magnificent or beautiful

Girl Names:

Male Names:
same for a female

Saturday, February 28, 2009

T-Z 3

Queen Margrethe
Queen Nefertiti
Rainbow's End
Raspberry Punch
Red Ribbons
Reine Des Violettes
Riddle In The Rain
Rio Samba
Romantic Palace
Rose De Rescht
Royal Amethyst
Royal Sunset
Sharifa Asma
Sheila's Perfume
Simplicity Pink
Simplicity Purple
Simplicity Red
Simplicity White
Simplicity Yellow
Social Riddle
Spring Morning
Strawberry Ice
Sunset Celebration
Sweet Chariot
Sweet Juliet
Sweet Surrender
Take A Message
Taking Back Perfection
Talk Of The Taven
Talk Of The Town
Talk Of The Town
Taming The Dream
Teacher's Art
Tender Truth
The Accidental Groom
The Alesandra Rose
The Dark Lady
The Dark Shadow
The Dawning
The Fall to Grace
The Gingerbread Man
The Ladies Man
The Lady In Waiting
The Lost Chord
The Minstrel
The Perfect Dream
The Pilgrim
The Prince And Me
The Remaining Sunlight
The Squire
This End Up
This First Love
Three Secret Wishes
Three Secrets
Three Wishes
Thunder Heart
Tia Maria
Tied To Stars
Time Flies By
Time For A Change
Tournament of Roses
Town Tango
Tropical Sunset
Trustworthy Deceit
Turn The Moon
Twilight Echo
Twisting in the Rain
Two Socks Behind
Unity Unbound
Up Our Street
Up To Something
Vaguely Noble
Vanilla Parfume
Variety Road
Variety Scene
Vermillion Red
Veterans' Honor
Vintage Art
Vintage Gold
Vintage Ice
Vintage Memory
Vintage Rose
Vintage Silver
Vintage Star
Vintage Wine
War Relic
Watch Me Dance
Watch Me Run
Watch Me Sing
Weeks Bay
Weeping China Doll
What a Bay
What No Cash
What the Bay
When Angels Fall
Which Way Now
Whiskey Mac
White Masterpiece
White Shadow
Winchester Cathedral
Winged Dagger
Winter Recital
With Full Honors
Wonderful World
Wrapped In Roses
Wrapped In Spots
Yes Master
Yesterdays Roses
Yours Forever

T-Z 2

Take A Chance
Take Me
Take My Way
Talinum's Eagle
Talk About Penny
Talk Again
Tanino Piccante
Tempted Again
Tender Duet
Tequila Mockingbird
Terrific Illusion
Test Of CourageThe Age Of Innocence
The Axe
The Color Purple
The Darkest Red
The Edge Of A Shadow
The Faraway Nearby
The Giants' Dance
The More We Try
The Promise of Happiness
The Queens Saint
The Ruling Class
The Sagittarius Star
The Shadow Inside
The Shining Future
The Supernatural
The Velveteen Rabbit
Theater Rose
Things Fall Apart
This Is A Hero
This Little Thumb
Three Thoughts
Tigress In Iron
Timber Country
Time Is Barred
Time Runs Late
Time to Shine
Timely Vision
Times Up
Tiny Double
To Be Sensational
To Be Terrific
To Catch A Demon
Tomiya Dream
Tough And Bold
Tough Diva
Tough Tiger
Triumph And Joy
Tropical Moonlight
True Colors
True Saying
Turf Blaze
Turning Royal
Twilight Echo
Twilight Flight
Twilight Music
Two Heaven
Two Moons
Ultimate Quest
Unexpected Lover
Unknown Soldier
User History
Valentine's Gift
Velvet Creek
Velvet Dawn
Velvet Smile
Victory Speech
Viking Ruler
Visions Of Money
Visions Take Time
Vivid Imprint
Volare Cantare
Vote in Favour
Wait For Peace
Wait To Gamble
Walk Away
Watch You Lose
Wavering Tallow
Way Of Life
Way of Light
Wedding Kisses
Welcome Silence
Western Becky
Western Vivian
Westminster Abby
What A Day
What A Dynamic Time
What's Going On
When Stars Go Blue
Whenever You Want
Where Rainbows End
Where The Wild Things Are
White Princess
Will Time On
Will To Suceed
Wings Of Enchantment
Winning Ticket
Winter Recital
Wise Bid
Wise Up Cat
Wishes & Dreams
Wishful Dreams
Wishing Pebble
Wit and Charm
With A Wind
Woodland View
World's Relaunch
Worth The Wait
Worth Watching
Written In Lights
You Won't Forget Me
Your ChoiceZamboni
Tender Moment
Texas Memories
The Captivating Effect
The Last Dream
The Master Card
Time Being
Tobocco Bay
Toffee Delight
Toy Soldier
Truth's Destiny
Tulip Fever
Turn The Page
Unforgotten Joy
Vested Perfection
Vienna Waltz
Waiting to Exhale
Warrior's Sweetheart
Whisper a Name
Whisper Of Glory
White China
Wild About Diamonds
Winning WaysWinter Air
Winter Lilly
Wisteria Lane


Tack and Jibe
Tactical Blues
Tactical Honor
Take a Chance
Take The Puzzle
Take The Stand
Takes Some Believing
Takin' Up Space
Talk About Class
Tango Dip
Tar Pit
Tatical Guy
Tell Me Why
Tell The Shrink
Tempting Fate
Texas Two-Step
Thank God For Coffee
That's Our Queen
That's The Bonus
The Abyss
The Alchemist
The Butterfly Effect
The Case Is Closed
The Colonial Wing
The Convict
The Darkside
The Diva
The God You Know
The Greater Good
The Night Scotsman
The Painted Desert
The Path Not Taken
The Perfect Chance
The Prodigal
The Real Me
The Reckoning
The Ring
The Snow Queen
The SuburbanThe Titans
The Way of Romance
Theatre Royal
Then Again
There'll Be Times
Thief of Hearts
Thimble Full of Gold
Third Wife
Third Wish
This One's For You
Three Martinis
Ticket to Heaven
Ticket To Truth
Tiger Island
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Wood
Tighten Your Belt
Tildens Connection
Time Be With You
Time Flies By
Time For An Angel
Time To Explode
Time To Rise
Time To Talk
Time Will Tell
Timeless Event
To Town
Toe The Line
Top Cat
Top Deck
Top Flite
Top Gun
Top Hat
Top My Luck
Touch n' Fly
Touch Of Fate
Touch of Mink
Touch Of The Blues
Touching London
Tower Of Song
Town and Country
Training Wheels
Translation By Demand
Treasure Trove
Tribal Lord
Triple Storm
Tropical Heat Wave
Trouble Me
True Judge
True Onyx
True Pursuit
Truth Be Told
Try My Tune
Try The Waitress
Tryst's Dancer
Turn the Page
Turn To Cry
Twelth Night
Twenty TwentyTwice Shy
Twice The LimitTwice The Roses
Twilight Honors
Twin Pirate
Twist and Shoot
Twisted Chord
Twisted Desire
Two For Business
Two For Change
Two Over Easy
Two Thumbs Up
Two To Tango
Two's Not Enough
Uncommon Chrome
Uncommon Favor
Unconditional Love
Under Construction
Under the Boardwalk
Under The Rainbow
Unexpected Twist
Unholy Confessions
Unjust Chance
Unlikely Hero
Unlisted Number
Unmistaken Angel
Up Front
Up in Smoke
Upper Register
Ursa Minor
Vapor Lock
Vein Of Silver
Vertical Limit
Via Satellite
Viking Song
Vintner's Delight
Violet Mead
Viper Too
Visa Card
Vital Issue
Viva Tequila
Vivid Imprint
Vivid Shadow
Walk Tall
War Empress
War Uprising
War Wolf
Watch Me Move
Way to Romance
Well Deserved
West End Explorer
Western Squire
Western Star
What A Catch
What A Rumor
What Pleasure
What's My Line
When Fates Collide
When The Penny Drops
When You SmileWhen You Wish
Where There's Smoke
Where's The Cat
Whispered Secret
Whispering Confessions
Whispering Wildflower
Whispering Wisdom
White Christmas
White Dove
White Lane
White Magic
White Sand
White Wedding
Whiteout Conditions
Who Dun What
Who Knows
Who Knows Gossip
Wicked Zip
Widow Maker
Wild At Heart
Wild Cash
Wild Clover
Wild Clover
Wild Deals
Wild Fire
Wild Friday
Wild Intimidator
Wild Jone
Wild Obsession
Wild Promise
Wild Rise
Wild River
Wild Thyme
Will Call
Wilton Fair
Win The Gold
Winter Blues
Winter Skies
Winter Solstice
Wish Upon A Star
Witch Craft
Without A Doubt
Without Clover
Without Regret
Witness Time
Wizard of Edge
Words And Deeds
World Class
World Class
World Tiger
Worlds Fair
Wrong Impression
Wrong TigerYin and Yang
You Are Here
You Are There
You Be General
Younger Years
Your Honour's Secretary
Your Place Is Fine
Your Song
Zealous Glory
Zero Degrees
Zero Hour
Zero Time
Zodiac Tiger

Q-S 2

Qualified Disclaimer
Quantanmo Bay
Queen Margrethe
Queen Nefertiti
Queen's Dance
Queen's Dancer
Queens Diamonds
Queen's Dream
Queen's Dresses
Queen's Idea
Queen's Legacy
Queen's Pride
Quite Hopeful
Quite The Angel
Quivira Bay
Rainbow's End
Raspberry Punch
Raven and the Rain
Red Diesel
Red Orchard
Red Ribbons
Regal Strike
Regimental Moon
Regimental Twilight
Regret Nothing
Regret The Moon
Regret The Night
Regretful Dreams
Regreting my Past
Regrets In Twilight
Reine Des Violettes
Renewed Regret
Riddle In The Rain
Rio Samba
Road Island
Romantic Palace
Rose De Rescht
Roses For A Lady
Royal Amethyst
Royal Hymn
Royal Regrets
Royal Signature
Royal Sunset
Royal Tribute
Royal Vintage
Run To Midnight
Running Effortlessly
Running In The Mist
Running On Faith
Running Silver
Rusty Jazz
Santa Catalina
Santres Bay
Sassy Sheppy
Satan's Advocate
Saxon Bay
Script Girl
Search Party
Secret Lace
Shaded China
Shaded Gold
Shaded Silver
Shadow By Night
Shadow Drapes
Shadow Ice
Shadow Illusions
Sharifa Asma
Sharp Idea
Sheila's Perfume
Sherry Jen
Shipping News Show Me The Money
Sign My Name
Signed For The Lady
Silver Fizz
Silver Shores
Silver Stamp
Silver Thunder
Simplicity Pink
Simplicity Purple
Simplicity Red
Simplicity White
Simplicity Yellow
Singing In The Rain
Six Degrees
Slanted Horizon
Sleeping Serenity
Sliver Phoenix
Smart Coffee
Smokin Sage
Snap To Attention
Snooze Alarm
Snowy Image
Snowy Summer
So Proud
Social Riddle
Solar Sapphire
Solid Thought
Sound The Drum
Southern Soldier
Spanish Bay
Special Report
Splashed Inspiration
Spot My Dot
Spread The Dream
Spring Dancer
Spring Diamond
Spring Morning
Spring Suprise
Sterling Cricket
Stocking Stuffer
Storm Chaser
Stormclouds Glory
Strawberry Ice
String Me Along
Stylish In Black
Sultans Jewel
Summer Breeze
Summertime Dawn
Sunday Bay
Sunday Fashion
Sunkissed Star
Sunset Celebration
Sunset Crossbow
Supremely Honorable
Suprise In The Snow
Surprize Edition
Sweet Chariot
Sweet Juliet
Sweet Surrender
Swift Time


Queen's Dagger
Queen's Lover
Queen's Oath
Quick Chance
Race The Moon
Radiant Cielo
Raging Orion
Rain Cloud
Rainbow Connection
Rainbow Ruby
Rainin on Sunday
Rainy Flames
Raise The Stakes
Rarely Caught
Rascal Flatts
Raven's Echo
Ready or Not
Real Elegance
Reason To Cry
Reason To Smile
Reason To Wink
Reborn Garnet
Red Baron
Red Streak
Reflection Road
Refuse To Lose
Resene Serendipity
Resene Sonique
Rhythm Coda
Riveting Royal
Rock Of Ages
Rocked My World
Rocking Quietly
Rocky Mission
Roll Of Thunder
Rollin With Class
Romany Dream
Rosa's Joy
Rose Fragrance
Roses For Adrianne
Roses In Lace
Rowdy By Nature
Rox Star
Royal Academy
Royal Cavalier
Royal Fiber
Royal Lace
Royal Night
Royal Ocassion
Royal Palace
Royal Rocks
Royal Roxanne
Royal Silk
Royal Touch
Royal Tribute
Rudan's Magic
Rudan's Magic
Rumors Of Black
Rumors Of Heaven
Run From Colour
Run The Gantlet
Running Colours
Running In The Shade
Russian Coin
Sabona's Affair
Sabona's Glory
Sabona's Tryst
Safari Lady
Sail By Me
Sakura Pearl
Salt And Pepper
Saltwater Moon
Sand Coronet
Sapphire Ice
Satin Doll
Say Goodbye
Say It IsnÂ’t So
Say It With Love
Say You'll Be Mine
Scarlet Glory
Scarlet Mary
Scarlet River
Scarlett Desire
Scatter The Gold
Scotch Conclusive
Scotch N Soda
Scotland Yard
Sea N Stars
Sealed With A Kiss
Seamaster's Secret
Seaside Angel
Second Chance
Secret Destiny
Secret Savings
See You There
Seemingly Impressive
Seize The Day
Seven Shades Of Jade
Seven Sins For Love
Shade My Darkness
Shadow Of A Colour
Shadow Of A Doubt
Shadow Of A Star
Shadow Of Eternity
Shadow Of The Night
Shadowed Daisy
She's My Girl
Shining Dove
Shining Star
Show The Way
Sight Unseen
Silent Arena
Silent Dance
Silent Striker
Silent Theory
Silk Justice
Silver And Gold
Silver Bilt
Silver Comet
Silver Debit
Silver Star
Sin In The Shadows
Sing For Della
Sky Garnet
Slap Shot
Sleeping Serenity
Smoking Rumors
Smooth Sailing
Snow On Cedars
Snow Scene
So Dark
Social Colours
Society Wedding
Soldier In The Rain
Soldier Of Fortune
Soldier's Melody
Solomon In Secrecy
Something Blue
Something For Nothing
Something To Gamble
Song of Tears
Sophisticated Lady
Souls Rest
South Ocean
Southern Breeze
Southern Halo
Southern Soldier
Spanish Illusions
Spanish Lace
Special Art Effects
Special Socks
Special Week
Speed Of Dark
Spellbound Diva
Spic and Span
Splendid Rain
Sportin' Affair
Stand By Eternity
Star of Cozzene
Star of Della
Star Of Heaven
Star Painter
Star Show
Star Twilight
Starry Night
Stars Afire
Stars In My Eyes
Stars In Your Eyes
Star's Song
Stay Dark
Stay Gold
Steel Ruby
Step Aside
Stop The Music
Storm At Midnight
Storm At Midnight
Storm Dove
Storm Warning
Stormy Jess
Story Goes On
Storybook Ending
Strike A Pose
Stroke of Luck
Stroll On By
Sudden Ruler
Suddenly Suspicious
Suits Her Well
Summer Star
Summer's Song
Sunday Mint
Sunday Morning Surprise
Sunday Silence
Sunday Silence
Super Opera
Sway With Me Della
Swedish Riddle
Sweet Basil
Sweet Cortina
Sweet Little Pursuader
Sweet Magnolia
Sweet Melody
Swept Overboard
Swiss And Bold
Sworn Testamony
Rapid Refund
Recite a Merry Verse
Rest My Case
Restless Feeling
Roam Free
Royal Smoke
Royal Velvet
Sacred Arrival
Sacred Sioux
Satin Doll
Send It All
Settle The Score
Silent Rain
Silent Venture
Silver Details
Silver Pebbles
Simply Silent
Simply Spiritual
Spanish Moss
Starlight Hero
State of Grace
Storm Talker
Suspicious Ensign
Quantum Leap
Queens Brigade
Quick Silver Miss
Quick To Judge
Quick to Pieces
Quietly Making Noise
Quin Quela
Quite Blue
Quite Dashing
Radio Flyer
Rainbow's Touch
Raindrops on Roses
Rare Detail
Rare Native
Rare Risk
Raven's Last
Raven's Late
Razzle Dazzle
Real Irish
Real Life
Real Me
Really Ready
Really Royal
Realm of Silver
Reason To Cry
Reason Why
Rebel By Demand
Rebel Island
Rebel Pride
Rebel's Last Yell
Red Daffodil
Red Devil
Red Earthquake
Red Label
Red Lipstick
Red Mercury
Red Number
Red Reine
Red Rock Diva
Red Seven
Red White And Blue
Regal Rainbow
Regal Scott
Regal Storm
Regal Strike
Regal Time
Relentless Pursuit
Remember Me
Remember My Colours
Remember My Echo
Remember Nothing
Remember The Captive
Remember When
Reoccouring Dream
Replicated Romance
Respectable Pursuit
Rhinestone Rita
Riberia Rose
Ricochet Romance
Right Command
Riley City
Ring The Bell
Ripple Effect
Rise and Shine
Rising Star
Risk It Again
Risky Business
Risky Business
Risky Gold
Risky Issue
Risky Venture
River Bid
River Falls
River Itch
River Rebel
River Wolf
Road To Nowhere
Rock Island
Rock My Alliance
Rock My Issue
Rock Point
Rock Solid
Rocket Flight
Roll My Magic
Roll The Dice
Roman Coin
Romance Me
Romance My Spirit
Romantic Bravado
Romantic Enchantment
Romantic Firefly
Romantic Image
Romantic Letter
Romantic Man
Romantic Reflection
Romantic Regalia
Romantic Replica
Romantic Resonance
Romantic Rhythm
Romantic Spirit
Romantic Troubador
Romantic Ways
Rose Leaves
Rough Opening
Roxy Hart
Royal Armada
Royal Champion
Royal Change
Royal Council
Royal Dash
Royal EclipseRoyal Flush
Royal Flush
Royal Gamble
Royal Gossip
Royal Grant
Royal Honour
Royal Issue
Royal Joker
Royal Melody
Royal PixelRoyal Polish
Royal Rebel
Royal Red
Royal Reddy
Royal Regrets
Royal Rose
Royal Scandal
Royal Song
Royal Splash
Royal Talk
Royal Trust
Rubies and Jade
Ruby And Roses
Ruby Lines
Rugged Lark
Rum Punch
Rumor Has It
Run For The Border
Run for the Gold
Running Red Lights
Runs with Scissors
Rush Hour
Rushed Warning
Rye On The Rocks
Safe Sympathy
Sail Away
Saltaire Slew
Salute The Truth
Same Again
Same Tune
Sam's Last Chance
Sando Kan
Sandra's Brave
Sarah Bid
Satin Flag
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Saturn's Saint
Savannah Bay
Say You Do
Score Again
Scorpio Rising
Scorpio Rising
Scotch On The Rocks
Scottish Illusion
Scottish Light
Scottish Rise
Scottish Satisfaction
Sea Hawk
Sea Music
Sea Of Change
Sea Pattern
Sea Song
Sea Trade
Sea War
Sea Wolf
Second Star
Secret Assignment
Secret Chief
Secret Crown
Secret Decision
Secret Fog
Secret Madness
Secret Serenade
Secret Shopper
Secret Window
See Me Go
Seeds of Faith
Seekin Treasure
Seekin Treasure
Seeking A Connection
Send In The Girls
Sensible Beauty
Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Topic
Set to Go
Settle Fast
Settle The Score
Seven Sails
Seville Silver
Shades of Summer
Shady Deals
Shady Tiger
Shaman's Memories
Shaman's Song
Sharp Idea
Sharp Lady
Sharp Shadeau
Sharper Than Sharp
Sherlock Holmes
She's A Judge
She's Got You
Shifty Night
Shining Promise
Shining Rebel
Shock & Awe
Shoot For Gold
Shopping Spree
Short Belt
Short Dance
Short Sleeves
Shotgun Blues
Shout It Out
Show Me Heaven
Show Me Magic
Show Me The Coffee
Show My Chocolate
Show Your Colors
Signal Point
Silent Gamble
Silent Shoe
Silks and Satins
Silver and Green
Silver and Sage
Silver Artemis
Silver Belle
Silver Bells
Silver Charm
Silver Charm
Silver Edition
Silver Girl
Silver Hunt
Silver Jet
Silver Key
Silver Leaf
Silver Lining
Silver Monarch
Silver Phoenix
Silver Prophet
Silver Sea
Silver Spoon
Silver Standard
Silver Storm
Silver Wolf
Simply Complex
Simply Dagger
Simply Done
Simply Irresistible
Simply Lace
Simply Sorbet
Simply Stunning
Simply Time
Simply Works
Sing Again
Sing Me A Number
Sing Me A Tune
Sing The Blues
Sinking Fast
Sinners Prayer
Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past
Sisters Mister
Sitting Pretty
Skill Player
Skye's The Limit
Sky's the Limit
Slavics Tale
Sleeper Hit
Sleeping Night
Small Fable
Small Notice
Small Talk
Smart Cat
Smart Enough
Smart Gamble
Smiling Irish Eyes
Smoke And Flame
Smoking Man
Smooth Approval
Smooth Operator
Sneak Attack
Sneakin' Out
Snoopy Blues
Snooze Alarm
Snow Angel
Snow Bunny
Snow Day
Snow Princess
Snow Queen
Snow Storm
Snowstorm Skies
Snowy River
Snowy Skies
So Fine
So Fine
So Many Tears
So Proud
So Spoilt
Social By Demand
Social Climber
Social Gamble
Social Height
Socks To Match
Soldier Brave
Soldiers Girl
Soldiers Guest
Soldiers Law
Soldiers Signal
Solo Color
Solo Promise
Solo Shine
Some Assembly Required
Some Lovin'
Somebody's Heaven
Someday Soon
Something About Law
Something Blue
Something Bold
Something For The Weekend
Something Similar
Something Special
Soul Demand
Soul Doubt
Soul Possession
Southern Dancer
Southern Gentleman
Southern Money
Sox Appeal
Spanish Lightning
Spark of Romance
Speak At Large
Speak Easy
Special Edition
Special Ops
Spectacular Arrow
Spectacular Socks
Spending Frenzy
Spill The Beans
Spirit Of New York
Splash of Orange
Splash of Romance
Splash Tour
Spoiled Milk
Sporting Image
Spot Me
Spot Me One
Spot My Kama
Spot On
Spot On
Spot This
Spotted Magic
Spring Flame
Spring Snow
Spring Time Chocoholic
Springtime Gold
Stack Em Up
Standing Obligation
Standing Ovation
Star Attraction
Star Connection
Star Connection
Star Quality
Star Select
Star Sign
Star Studded
Star System
Star to Star
Starlight Marquis
Star's Royal
Start The Clock
Start The Rumors
State & Main
State Descent
Stay For A While
Stay In Tune
Stay On Topic
Stay With Me Tonight
Stayin Alive
Steeling Time
Steely Dan
Sterling Silver
Still Life
Stir The Pot
Stock Rocket
Stolen Groom
Stolen Groom
Stolen My Chrome
Stolen My Gold
Stop Crying
Storm Chronicle
Storm of Angels
Storm Power
Storm Tossed Sea
Storm Warning
Stormin in Style
Stormy Pride
Stormy Skies
Straight Edge
Straight Silver
Straight Talk
Strictly Business
Stride Suspension
Strike A Pose
Strike Me Silver
Strike My Fancy
Strike The Gold
Subpoena This
Such a Presence
Such A Rebel
Sugar Baby
Suicide Run
Summer Indian
Summer of Shadows
Summer Rain
Summer Sensation
Summer Solo
Summer Solstice
Sunbeam Minuette
Sunday Afternoon
Sunkissed Clover
Sunset and Beverly
Sunset Royale
Supermarket Fantasy
Supreme Serenade
Surely Humble
Surprise Package
Surprise Party
Sweep The Track
Sweeps Choice
Sweet Anne
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Like Honey
Swing Into Action